Read Along App by Google

Read Along App by Google for improving kids reading skills



Tutorial on how Read Along App by Google works and how it can help children improve their reading skills.

What is Read Along App?

This is an app developed by Google which helps kids enhance their reading skills. It was first launched in India in March 2019 as Bolo and is now available in 180 countries.

Read Along App Summary Details

Below are summary details of Bolo;

  • Target Audience: Children aged 5+ years
  • Location Availability:  180 countries
  • Language: Hindi, English, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Privacy: No Ads or In-app and does not require sign in           
  • Size: 46.45 MB (Size varies with Device)
  • Minimum Android Version: 4.4  

How to Use Read Along App

To Use Read Along App;

Install read along from Play Store
Install read along App from Play Store/Photo Source
  • Step 2: Select Language
Select Language that your child speaks
Select Language that your child speaks/Photo Source
  • Step 3: Parent or Guardian should Consent the App to collect usage data
Consent for Data usag
Consent for Data usage/Photo
  • Step 4: You are now ready to get started. No registration or sign-in required.

How Read Along App Works

The app uses speech recognition technology by Google to listen to what the user says and compares it to the displayed text and then outputs the result.

Some of the the different forms of learning in the app include;

  • Pronunciation of words

Once you have downloaded the App you are required to tap the word that appears on the screen and read it loudly. If you read the word correctly you are awarded stars.  

  • Jumbled Words

You required to arrange jumbled letters to form a correct English word and earn stars and badges

  • Speed Reading

Read as many words as you can in 20 seconds. The more words a kid can read the more points they earn.

  • Pop the balloons game

Balloons that have letters will appear as they roll up your screen. Touch the balloon that has the correct letter.

  • Long Stories

Open and read long stories. While kids are reading, they will earn stars for words pronounced correctly.

Whether you are playing a game or reading stories, you will earn stars for anything done correctly.  Digital badges will be awarded for more stars earned. There is also a report card that displays a reading child’s progress.

Internet connection is not required to use the app. However, a parent can turn-on WiFi to load more stories once a child has completed reading available stories.

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