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Pwani University Students Issue Terrorist Attack Fears Ahead Of September



pwani  to lamu distanceA large number of Pwani university students who are still in their holidays now want the government to assure them of their security as Lamu terrorist attacks escalate. The students who are expected to resume September claim that almost 60% of the students stay off campus and are worried that their life might be at risk if they are not assured of security.

From Mpeketoni  to Pwani University is a bout 244km which is roughly a 3h 32 min distance by car. Students are worried that the terrorist attacks in Lamu might spread to their off campus residential areas.

So far, no official communication has been made by the university and the government concerning the security of students in Pwani University. Clement Emmanuel a Pwani University student told Kenyayote that the situation is worse as a large percentage of Pwani University students reside out of campus.

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