Private universities on KUCPPS students school fees

Students placed by KUCCPS to private universities to miss government funding



Private Universities in Kenya have issued a statement indicating that students placed by KUCCPS to private universities will not receive government funding as it used to be.

Funding of students placed by KUCCPS in private universities

In a statement issued May 17, 2023, by the Kenya Association of Private Universities, private universities have explicitly indicated that students who will be placed by KUCCPS to their campuses should be prepared to pay their full school fees. The government will only provide HELB loan to them upon application.

On the new university funding model changes, private universities noted that all students will be placed in private and public universities based on their individual choices, and the courses offered by both types of institutions will be available for selection on the KUCCPS portal. They added that the government will not fund students placed by kUCCPS to private universities but those students can apply for HELB loans.

This means if you are placed in a private university by KUCCPS, you will pay school fees just like any other private/self sponsored student.

Learn more about the new university funding model.

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