Former President Daniel Arap Moi Biography Family, Life Summary

President Daniel Arap Moi Biography: Family, Life History Summary



Below is a brief Biography of Former president Daniel Arap Moi on his family, health, political life, education and History.

About Daniel Moi in Summary

Below is a summary information about Daniel Moi:

  • Full Names: Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi
  • Age: His date of birth is 2 September 1924 and Died on Tuesday 4th February 2020 (95 years).
  • Net Worth:  There are no factual publicly available figures that show how rich Daniel Moi  is but he owns large tracks of land and companies which makes him among the wealthiest people in Kenya.
  • President:  served as president between 22 August 1978 to 30 December 2002
  • Wife: Helena Bomett who became Lena Moi (Divorced in 1974) (Lena died in 2004)
  • Place of Birth: Sacho, Baringo County, Kenya
  • Nick Names: Nyayo and Baba Moi
  • Tribe: Tugen, Kalenjin
  • Languages Spoken: Kalenjin, Kiswahili and English
Former President Daniel Arap Moi Biography Family, Life Summary
Former President Daniel Arap Moi’s Biography Family and Political Life Summary/Photo Source

List of Danie Arap Moi Children

Below is a list of the 8 children of former president Moi:

  1. Jennifer Jemutai Kositany
  2. John Mark Moi
  3. June Moi (adopted child)
  4. Doris Elizabeth Chepkorir Choge (was known as Doris Moi before being married to Ibrahim Choge)
  5. Jonathan Moi (Died in April 2019 )
  6. Raymond Moi
  7. Philip Kipchirchir Moi
  8. Gideon Moi

The closest of Daniel Moi’s family member was Gideon Kipsiele Towett Moi

Daniel Moi Brief History

Daniel Arap Moi was born in September 1924 in Baringo County. He grew up at his uncle’s place after the death of his father at early age. He completed his high school studies from Kapsabet high and joined Tambach TTC. After Graduating from College he became a teacher from 1946 to 1955 .

  • 1960: Moi and Ronald Ngala Founded KADU
  • 1964: KADU joined KANU and became one party where Moi was appointed as Minister of Home Affairs under president Jomo Kenyatta regime.
  • 1966: He was elected as Baringo Central MP
  • 1967: Moi was appointed Vice President
  • 1978: Moi became president, won successive elections and served upto 2002

Moi Education Background

There are several schools in Kenya named after former president moi like Moi University, Moi Tea Girls, Moi high school kabarak, Moi high school kabartanjo e.t.c However, Moi had little academic achievement.

  • Secondary school: He studied at Kapsabet High School in Nandi county
  • College:  Tambach Teachers Training College located in Elgeyo-Marakwet County

Moi’s Health Condition

President Moi has in recent times been admitted to Nairobi Hospital for a treatment. His exact cause of admission has not been made public.

The latest remarks from his physician, Dr David Silverstein and press secretary Lee Njiru indicate that he only goes for medical checkup.

He died on 5 AM Tuesday 4th February 2020 at Nairobi Hospital while receiving treatment. The exact cause of his death has not been revealed.

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