Part time jobs

Part time jobs

Part time jobs are normally done by university or college students. Some of the jobs that you can do  from your room include online writing jobs for instance academic writing, content writing, SEO writing, and translating. Some of the companies that offer part time jobs have been listed in the category of make money online in this site.

Part time jobs also include marketing. There are various ways in which one can earn money online though marketing while continuing his or her studies or job. One of those ways is through marketing of products though the social network and earning a commission for every purchase that your client makes.

The other way is through referring people to a company and earning per referral. It is very hard to get a site that pays  good amount of money per refferal. However you can  be lucky to get  one.

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Do you need more info about  online jobs? Use the search button to search for the job you need.

This is just shallow information on how to make money online in Kenya. You can buy my ebook “Campus Hustle: Making money online in Kenya”  at only ksh. 150 to get more detailed information on how to make money online in Kenya and a list of sites  that offer online jobs in Kenya.

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