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Out Break of Hepatitis B in Moi University and its environs



Out Break of Hepatitis B in Moi University report. Here is what our medical expert had to say

Hepatitis B symptom moi
Hepatitis B symptoms
Medical Expert Facts About Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis B is viral infection
  • Hepatitis B affects the liver (Can cause liver failure, cancer or death in extreme cases)
  • Hepatitis B is transmitted through CONTACT of blood and body fluids of infected person e.t.c.
  • Some of the symptoms include (Yellowing of the skin and eye, dark urine, vomiting, extreme fatigue, light colored stool, abdominal pain)
  • Use condoms everytime you have sex
  • Do not share pierced tools  (Razors, needles, manicuring tools e.t.c ) with anyone
  • Be aware that currently there is no cure for Hepatis B


Below is a statement shared by Kipronoh Bryan about the Out break of Hepatitis B in Moi University and its environs.

kipronoh byran
Photo: Kipronoh Byran

(start of  Bryan’s statement) “It has come to my attention that the outbreak of Hepatitis B is real at Stage Shopping Centre near main campus, after some people from that area reported positive with the disease yesterday. Some were admitted while others treated and allowed to go home but under strick medication.

This emerged after they reported to Mediheal Hospital at Eldoret Town and it raised alarm and we were contacted to see how we can alert other members on the same, being the leads at the community we are always tasked to see the livelihood is upheld to utmost point needed through communicating relevant information to the uninformed.

We’ve taken steps since yesterday by alerting the Public Health officer who is undertaking his work by getting to understand the cause especially from Stage where I am concerned with the area MCA Hon Hillary Mutai.

We are concerned because Stage has the largest population of students and locals which poses a threat to many. We were notified that Springs Hostels at Stage was the place of residence of the sick guys who reported at the hospital after our fine research. Now I would like to convey the same to students who reside near that residential hostels and it’s environs to take note and care.
We are informing the management of University at the same time the County Government of Uasin Gishu on the same so as to act on it promptly.


Mode of Transmission:
It was described as a deadliest disease if not taken cared off at the time of noting some uneasiness.
1. Through sexual transmission due to interchange of vaginally fluids
2. Though exchange of saliva through kissing or sharing same equipment that has drops of the infected saliva
3. Some related food consumption


Areas of ease spread :
1. Moi University residential rooms and campus
2. Tulwopngetuny
3. Kesses Centre
4. Cheptiret Centre
5. Lessos area

Caution let’s spread the word of caution to our friends, relatives and families over those areas. It’s a communicable disease and it’s on high alert at the moment as an outbreak of various part of Kenya.” (end of  Bryan’s statement).

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