Online Jobs for Campus Students in Kenya, 2019 (University and College)

As a University or College student in Kenya, you might be interested in some part time online job to cover your school expenses but you have no idea where to start from. This post will guide you on how to get started and a list of the best online jobs in Kenya.

a guide on online jobs for students in kenya and how to get started with making money online
A guide on online jobs for students in Kenya in 2019 and how to get started with making money online/Photo

Can students do online jobs while studying?

The answer to this depends on your needs and how demanding your course is. If you are pursuing a course like Medicine then online jobs may not work for you. This is because they require a lot of commitment.  

How Much Money Can I Make through Online jobs as student?

This will depend on the kind of online part time job that you will get. Some jobs are too demanding and pay peanuts while others pay well.

One thing you have to be aware of is that it takes time to climb up the ladder as an online worker. As years progress, you will learn the tricks, improve on your skills and your earnings will rise.

Therefore, it is important that you begin from somewhere, no matter how little the earnings are and things will get better over time. 

If someone tells you that he makes millions online, then you should first ask him when he begun working online. You will realize that such person has been in that business for a while and his earnings increased over time. So don’t compare yourself with him as a starter.

List of Online Jobs for Students in Kenya

Below is a list of some of the best online Jobs in Kenya for campus students. If you need detailed information about the listed jobs, kindly do some online research. We have only provided brief information about them.

Selling Your Notes and other Digital Products Online

This is the best and recommended way of making money online as a university student in Kenya. You can sell any kind of digital product online at

Examples of digital products you can sell as a student include Class Notes, Book Reviews, Class Notes, Exam past papers, tutorials, graphics e.t.c (View  a list of 50+ products you can sell at

online jobs for campus students at muthurwa Marketplace
online jobs for campus students in Kenya at

Affiliate Programme Income

You can join, or Kilimall affiliate programe and make money online through sharing their products. If someone clicks on the link you have shared and buys a product through the link, you earn a commission.

Online Affiliate programme jobs for college and university students
Online Affiliate programme jobs for college and university students/Photo

Start Blogging for a living

I am not going to explain much on how to make money online through blogging. We have in several occasion written about this topic and it has also been widely covered in the internet. You might be interested to (get a copy of this ebook).

How start blogging in Kenya and earn money while studying
How start blogging in Kenya and earn money while studying/Photo

Join Fiverr and present your services (Gigs)

Fiverr is a Digital Marketplace where people sell their services or products. If you are good at something lets say video editing, photo editing, graphic design, writing, marketing then you can offer your services from ksh. 500 ($5).

Fiverr and make money while in studying
Sell your skills on Fiverr and make money while in studying/Photo

Transcription Jobs

We had earlier written on how to make money through transcription in Kenya and provided a list of  some of the best transcription sites (learn more in this page)

Join Upwork and be a Freelancer Writer

Upwork formerly Odesk is a marketplace for freelancers. Visit the website, sign up and do some test and then start bidding on projects.

The difference between Upwork and Fiverr is that with Fiverr Freelancers present the services they offer and customers bid but with Upwork Customers present tasks that they want done and Freelancers bid.

If you don’t have any skill you can still sign up and make money  by bidding on writing projects.

Get College and University students jobs on Upwork
Get College and University students jobs on Upwork/Photo

YouTube Videos Monetization (Google Adsense)

You can make money online as a student by creating and uploading videos to YouTube for people to watch for free. Creating a YouTube account is also free.

How does this work? When you click to watch YouTube Videos, there are adverts that pop up. Google places adverts on YouTube videos and shares Ads revenue with the creators.  

If you are the creator of the video, they will share revenue with you depending on the number of views your video gets.

However, for Adsense Adverts to start appearing on your YouTube Videos, your uploaded videos must have atleast  4,000 hours of watched videos time and 1,000 subscribers.

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