KNEC: Repeating of 3427 KCSE 2018 candidates with cancelled exams over cheating

Below is a statement by KNEC Chairman Prof. George Magoha on repeating of 3,427 KCSE 2018 candidates whose examinations were cancelled over exam cheating.

KNEC on repeating of 3,427 KCSE 2018 candidates whose exams were cancelled over cheating
KNEC’s Prof. George Magoha statement on repeating of 3,427 KCSE 2018 candidates whose examinations were cancelled due to cheating/Photo

Statement by Prof. George Magoha on repeating of  3,427 KCSE candidates

The statement below was read by KNEC chairman Prof. George Magoha on 15th January 2019 at KICD. Some  sections of the statement have been omitted;

How KNEC Detected 2018 KCSE exam malpractices

The Council applied international best practices in the identification of collusion in examinations by scrutinizing for the patterns of similar wrong responses from candidates. Specifically, the investigation process discovered glaring collusion among affected candidates answer scripts including;

  1. Identical errors in calculations
  2. Correct responses after incorrect working
  3. Identical wording often with identical unusual grammar or vocabulary
  4. Numerous identical Corrections by a group of candidates and
  5. A group of candidates having identical readings to those of their teachers in the science practicals for example
  6. other forms of collision detected in included cases where a group of candidates had identical readings in science practicals, evidence of cases whereas answers were copied from textbooks and notes or answers were prepared outside the examination room and the ink of different sheets in response to one or more questions

In essay questions for example, the investigation detected collision cases where candidates presented at least one paragraph that has identical correct and incorrect responses.

Number of Candidates whose KCSE 2018 Exams were cancelled

There was overwhelming evidence that three thousand four hundred and twenty seven  (3,427) candidates  in forty four centers were guilty of having been involved in the examination  regularities 2018 KCSE examinations, the council therefore has made the painful but necessary decision to cancel results of these candidates.

Candidates Caught Cheating Given a chance to repeat

However in order to temper justice with mercy, the council has also decided that these candidates should be encouraged to register for this year’s (KCSE 2019) examinations before the close of registration on 15th of February of next month (2019).

NOTE: Above is the exact summarized version of the statement issued on 15th January 2019.

NOTE 2: You can download KCSE 2017 and 2018 Exam papers with answers at

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