KASNEB revised examination fees and syllabuses

As from 1st July 2015, KASNEB will have a new look in terms of its learning and fee structure. If you are a KASNEB student note that the the examination syllabuses  and fees has been revised. Below is just  but a summary of what you should expect;

KASNEB revised examination syllabuses

The following examinations will be administered under the revised syllabuses:

Professional Examinations

  1. Certified Public Accountants (CPA)
  2. Certified Secretaries (CS)
  3. Certified Information Communication Technologists (CICT)
  4. Certified Investment and Financial Analysts (CIFA)
  5. Certified Credit Professionals (CCP)

Note: The Certified Public Secretaries (CPS)
examination has been renamed Certified
Secretaries (CS) examination. 

The Certified Securities and Investment Analysts
(CSIA) examination has been renamed Certified
Investment and Financial Analysts (CIFA)

Diploma Examinations

  1. Accounting Technicians Diploma (ATD)
  2. Diploma in Information Communication Technology (DICT)
  3. Diploma in Credit Management (DCM)

Examinations to be phased out
The following technician examinations will be phased out after the November/December 2015 examination sitting:

(a) Accounting Technicians Certificate (ATC)
(b) Information Communication Technology Technicians (ICTT)
(c) Credit Management Technicians (CMT)
(d) Investment and Securities Technicians (IST)

More info about KASNEB revised examination syllabus available here

KASNEB revised examination fees

It is hereby notified for general information to all students of KASNEB, parents, sponsors, training institutions, members of the public and other interested parties that the following schedule of examination fees and related charges shall be applicable under the revised examination syllabuses:

Registration fee


  1. Registration fees 5,000
  2. Annual registration renewal fees 1,500
  3. Registration reactivation fees 6,000
  4. Student identity card replacement fees 500



  1. Registration fees 5,000
  2. Annual registration renewal fees 1,500
  3. Registration reactivation fees 6,000
  4. Student identity card replacement fees 500


  1. Enrolment fee 40,000
  2. Examination fee per paper 20,000
  3. Continuation fee per annum 15,000
You can also read  Updated KASNEB CPA Notes (Strathmore University ): Sections 1 to 6 Revised Edition



  1. Level I ksh. 3,500
  2. Level II ksh. 4,000
  3. Level III ksh. 4,500
  4. Single paper Level I ksh. 1,000
  5. Single Level II ksh. 1,200
  6. Single Level III ksh. 1,400


  1. Level I 4,100
  2. Level II 4,000
  3. Level III 5,100
  4. Single paper Level I: Theory 1000
  5. Single paperLevel II: Theory 1,200
  6. Single paperLevel III: Theory 1,400
  7. Single paperLevel I: Practical 1,600
  8. Single paper Level III: Practical 2,000

Part I: Section 1 2,700
Section 2 2,700
Total for Part I 5,400

Single paper 1,350

Part II: Section 3   4,400
Section 4   4,400
Total for Part II 8,800

Single paper 2,200

Part III: Section 5   6,600

Section 6     6,600

Total for Part III  13,200
Single paper 3,300

Part I: Section 1   3,300
Section 2              3,300
Total for Part I 6,600
*Single paper (Theory) 1,350
*Single paper (Practical) 1,950
Part II: Section 3      4,400
Section 4                5,000
Total for Part II 9,400
*Single paper (Theory) 2,200
*Single paper (Practical) 2,800
Part III: Section 5            6,600
Section 6               6,600

Total for Part III 13,200
*Single paper (Theory) 3,300
ICT Project 7,500


Level I: Per paper 1,300
Level II: Per paper 1,500
Level III: Per paper 1,700

Part I per paper 1,800
Part II per paper 2,700
Part III per paper 3,800


NOTE: The fee structure for the Technician examinations remains the same. The technician examinations will be phased out after the November 2015 examinations.

More info about KASNEB revised exams  fee available here

Any enquiries may be forwarded to Isaac M. Njuguna (email: injuguna@kasneb.or.ke); Christabel L. Osango email: cosango@kasneb.or.ke) or Erasto M. Ng’ang’a (email: emukuria@kasneb.or.ke).

You can also visit official KASNEB website http://www.kasneb.or.ke

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