KASNEB 2021 exam timetable for CPA and ATD

KASNEB 2021 May Examination Timetable



What follows is a timetable for KASNEB May 2021 examinations which include CAMS, ATD, DICT), DCM, CPA, CS, CIFA, CICT, CCP and CPSP-K.

UPDATE: KASNEB April 2021 examination were postponed to May and therefore the timetable has changed. Exams that were scheduled to be done in April will start on 17 May 2021 and end on 21st May 2021

KASNEB 2021 exam timetable for CPA and ATD
KASNEB 2021 exam timetable for CPA and ATD/Photo

CPA May 2021 examination timetable

Exam DatesExamination
17th May 2021CPA Part 1CA11CA12
18th May 2021CPA Part 1CA13CA21
19th May 2021CPA Part 1CA23CA22
19th May 2021CPA Part 2CA32CA31
19th May 2021CPA Part 3CA52CA51
20th May 2021CPA Part 2CA33CA41
20th May 2021CPA Part 3CA53CA61
21st May 2021CPA Part 2CA43 CA42
21st May 2021CPA Part 3CA63 CA62
KASNEB CPA May 2021 timetable

ATD May 2021 exam Timetable

Exam Dates
Exam LevelMorning
17th May 2021Level 1AD11 AD12
17th May 2021Level 2AD21AD22
17th May 2021Level 3AD31AD32
18th May 2021Level 1AD14AD13
18th May 2021Level 2AD23AD24
18th May 2021Level 3AD33AD34
ATD May 2021 examination timetable

Download Complete pdf Timetable for other KASNEB May 2021 examination.

Deadline of registration for April 2021 KASNEB exams was 28th February 2021.  

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