It’s LUCY: My journey of love in campus part7

By Emma Mathenge

Continued from part 6

Erick came in a rush, he looked very happy.”Hey guys I have goodness to share with you. Leona has accepted to go on a date with me. It will be a nice opportunity to give her the parcel. Don’t you think so?” A smile had formed on Joe’s face, Lucy guessed he was feeling relieved. Leona had caused so much pain and it was time to uncover the real her. “I hope this helps us to know what Leona is hiding from all of us.” She told Erick as he left with the parcel. It felt like one problem had been solved.

Joe was reading a TECH magazine and admiring phones and tablets. He loved this magazine so much that he would not miss buying the monthly issue. “Hey Joe I think something is wrong with Jeff and Leona. One of them is after one of us. Do you think it is a coincidence that they know each other and both were dating us? ” Joe stopped reading the magazine, sat upright and looked at her sharply. “Lucy please stop having some unreasoned fear. We have talked about this and the truth is that they were both cheating on us.” Joe said confidently. Lucy had her doubts about Jeff and Leona. She wanted Joe to see things from her point of view. He was holding the magazine in his hands again and this made her mad. How could he be so calm when she saw danger. She grabbed the magazine and made eye contact with him.”Joe is Leona pregnant? I mean did you…” She didn’t even finish her question when Joe interrupted. “No Lucy what I wouldn’t want is that lady carrying my child. She is not pregnant Lucy. She can’t be.” Joe sounded very sure. ” It can’t be but it’s possible Joe . You have spent many nights together and she was your girlfriend. There is a possibility Joe. What was she doing in a prenatal clinic? I don’t trust her and I don’t believe a word she says.” Lucy was willing to help Joe realise the kind of trouble they were in. “Well Lucy you have a point. But that bitch isn’t pregnant with me. And by the way how is Lisa today? I miss her herbal tea. Let’s go over and see if she has made us some tea.” Joe said as he walked her out. It was so clear that he was determined to change the subject but Lucy wouldn’t let him. He had to consider the possibility of being a father. “Joe are you going to ask Leona if she is really pregnant?” She nagged. “Well, Lucy I don’t want to hear Leona’s name leave alone her pregnancy story. Please, I know you love me and you don’t want to hurt me. You will hurt me a thousand wounds if you continue talking about her. She hurt me so bad that she can go to hell and rot there for all I care. Please Lucy.” Joe begged. Lucy loved Joe and never wanted to see him suffer so badly.
She decided to let him be and seal her mouth about anything that happened to Leona. “How about buying ice cream and taking it home. We’ll have lots of fun like the last time when we froze your teeth.” Lucy knew that she was faking some excitement and that she wasn’t very convincing. “How about going out for drinks. Get lost in alcohol and crawl back home due to the effect.” Joe said and they both laughed. It was tea time in their house and Joe were sure to find herbal tea ready. They bought tea biscuits on theirr way home. The truth is that they loved eating especially food made by Lisa. Joe carried the biscuits and they walked chatting about movies.

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The series Hacked, was their favourite movie for all times. The action in it sent you to another world. It was everything that everyone wished for in a movie. Joe was narrating his best part in the series when Lucy’s  phone rang. It was Jeff. “Aren’t you going to pick that? I can tell you my favourite part later.” He encouraged. “No Joe it’s Jeff and am not listening to any of his lies and am definitely not giving him a chance to hurt me again. The mystery is still there you know. We don’t know what they were up to Joe.” By the time she finished talking Jeff had already tried calling three times and he had given up. They proceeded silently because no one wanted to stir up a fight. All their discussions from that point could lead to Leona and Jeff and they didn’t want that.. After a long boring walk they arrived home. David was sitting on the couch with Lisa eating popcorns. Wow that looked great but since when did Lisa welcome someone in the house and look so free with them? Lucy wondered.


The writer Emmah Mathenge  is a student at Technical University of Mombasa

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