How to invest in Kenya, Agriculture, Real Estate, ICT, Stocks

How to invest in Kenya: Agriculture, Real Estate, ICT, Stocks



Where and how to invest in Kenya: Kenya’s economy is on rapid growth. With an educated population and being ranked as one of the top tech savvy countries in Africa, you are not likely to miss a thing or two to invest in Kenya. Below, we’ll look at a few ways where and how you can invest in Kenya.

How to invest in Kenya, Agriculture, Real Estate, ICT, Stocks
How to invest in Kenya, Agriculture, Real Estate, ICT, Stocks/Photo

Investing in Agriculture in Kenya

Agriculture is the backbone of Kenya. Food is a basic need so the investment opportunities here are abundant. From exporting crops to selling locally, renting out land to farmers, rearing chicken and other livestock.

Investing in Real Estate in Kenya

This particular type of investment has been there for a long time and is very common with Kenyans. As time goes by more and more people are embracing this venture and reaping the sweet fruits of being wealthy. It is suitable because the original value appreciates with time and once sold there is a certainty that money will be coming in.

Investing in Stocks in Kenya

No one can guarantee earnings in stocks but that has not stopped anyone from venturing into it. The upside to it though is that one secures ownership of a certain percentage of a public limited company. This directly gives one privileges as a shareholder such as dividends. To venture into this one needs to open an account with your preferable stockbroker who you will instruct to buy shares for you. The shares are from companies listed in the Nairobi Securities Exchange.

Investing in Saccos in Kenya

Savings and Credit Co-operative Society (Sacco) are great investment opportunities where you will be required to pay some money monthly and wait for the annually returns. The money deposited is given to individuals as loans which earn revenues in form of interest charged on the loans.

Investing in Treasury Bills in Kenya

This is where you lend the government some money which they will pay back after a given period of time with interest of course. All one needs to do is open a CDS account with Central Bank of Kenya.

Investing in Treasury Bonds in Kenya

This is more like the Treasury Bills in that you give money to the government and wait for the returns. The only difference here is, the amount of time is longer than a year and the minimum amount to invest in is specified to Ksh. 50,000.

Investing in Tourism and Hospitality in Kenya

Kenya is a very beautiful country with many site seeing areas to visit so the local and foreign tourists are always streaming in. Tourism thus plays a very large role in terms of economic growth and so the investment opportunities are massive. From entertainment and recreation facilities to construction of hotels and lodges.

Investing in Information Communications and Technology (ICT)

Over the last years Kenya has undergone a massive growth economically in ICT. ICT plays a great role in our everyday lives from education to finance to agriculture and health so the opportunities to tap into here are in plenty.


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