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Ignore reopening dates: Maseno University Admin



By David Otini:  Maseno university director of public relations has come out to attack students in social Medias who are propagating rumors on the reopening date following indefinite university shutting down and termed the reports as mere rumors.

Jasper Otieno the director of public relations has indicated that the university management is yet to have certified gathering and decide on the reopening date .Some students have been conducting rumors through social medias especially facebook and SMS saying that the institution will be reopened on the 2nd of November 2015 a statement which the director has told students to close their eyes to. As cited in an official statement signed by him and posted in the university website, the administrator has warned the rumormongers to discontinue confusing their fellow students and that the official communication will be sent to them immediately after the administration has made a choice.

“It has come to the notice of the University that some students are spreading a rumor through the social media that the University Main Campus will be re opened on 2nd November 2015 after the indefinite closure. This is to inform you that the Senate is yet to make a decision on the re opening date. When the date is set, this will be communicated to all students and other stakeholders through official University communication channels. Kindly ignore the rumor and wait for official communication from the University” Said the director.

Maseno university was indefinitely closed following riots involving students and police on the bereavement of two students making the environment unconducive for learning.

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