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IEBC joins hands in conducting Garissa University Students Elections



A large number of youths in Kenya lack the knowledge about the electoral process. In so doing, the IEBC joined hands with Garissa University College student elections body in conducting a successful student election. The IEBC Commission’s Garissa regional office provided support in elections preparation, logistical and elections materials support, training of elections officials and aspirants.

IEBC Chairman Isaack Hassan
IEBC Chairman Isaack Hassan

The polls, which were conducted on February 5th 2015, were the second student’s body elections since its inauguration. The dean of students Mr Kweya served as the Returning officer for the elections.
Pursuant to the IEBC constitutional mandate,(Kenya constitution, 88(4), IEBC extended the support with an objective of inducting the student fraternity and its leadership into the practice and adoption of the best election principles whenever the students set to elect their representatives.

Students voting at Garissa University College
Students voting at Garissa University College

The winners of the Garissa University Students’ Elections were

  • Chairperson- Laban Kumba Daniel
  • Vice-Chairperson- Waliaula Collins
  • Assistant Secretary General- Onduro Jacob
  • Secretary General- Mwangi
  • Director games and sports- Jomo K Samuel

Source: IEBC
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