How to Get over a Heartbreak: Effective Steps towards Recovery

Getting over a heartbreak and recovering successfully: Loosing someone you love can be painful. A romantic relationship that has come to an end can be a very painful ordeal. It is difficult to come to terms with such a situation, but time as they say heals everything.

How to Get over a Heartbreak, Effective Steps towards Recovery. moving on

How to Get over a Heartbreak, Effective Steps towards Recovery. moving on/Photo


Desiring to pick up the broken pieces and move on with your life, is the best tactic for an assured happier future.

This is how you start off towards recovery:

Keep your distance: As tempting as it may be, you should avoid contact with a former spouse. This helps to ward off thoughts about your past relationship, the memories and also ease the pain.

It’s natural to try and put up a strong face and attitude when you’re hurting, but it shouldn’t be the case. When the pain is too much it is OK to cry and in return you get rid of negative energy.

Moving on should be your main focus. Self pity and anger are the major logger heads you will have to face, but they shouldn’t distract you from your goal. Work towards rediscovering yourself, doing the things you love and that make you happy. Emotions may take a toll on you at some point, but try express them in a more creative and safe way for your I inner peace:

  • Write what you feel in a diary
  • Listen to music
  • Take a relaxing nature walk
  • Ensure you are around warm company like friends and family


Take time to heal: It is very easy to fall prey to a new relationship after a break up due to vulnerability. Reflect on yourself, your dreams and what it is that you want for yourself before moving to a new relationship.

PS: You should avoid a rebound relationship at all costs. That is, do not get into a new relationship just so you can forget the pain.


Though painful, this should be used as a period towards self actualization, discovery and self confidence.

Would it not be great if you came out of a heartbreak stronger, wiser and more confident?

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