How to Get NTSA Smart Driving License in Kenya Quickly (Apply on TIMS portal)

How to Get NTSA Smart Driving License in Kenya (Apply on TIMS portal)



This is a guide on how to apply for NTSA smart driving license via TIMS Online portal and get it quickly in Kenya. The license is commonly referred to as the new generation driving license.

How to Get NTSA Smart Driving License in Kenya Quickly (Apply on TIMS portal)
Guide on How to Get NTSA Smart Card Driving License in Kenya Quickly and Applying on TIMS portal/Photo

What is a smart card driving License?

A Smart Driving license is a kind of license that is technology ready. It comes with a chip that contains a driver’s details like accidents caused, years of driving, vehicle driven e.t.c. It replaces the old driving license that we are used to. It was introduced by Kenya’s National Transport and Safety Board (NTSA)

How to register for any account at NTSA TIMS portal

We had earlier provided a procedure on how to create an account at NTSA TIMS portal. You can check NTSA TIMS Registration procedure.

How to get new smart driving License in Kenya

Before you begin applying for a smart driving license in Kenya be sure to have copies of the following details ID number, phone number, KRA PIN, Ksh 3100 in your mpesa. Now let’s get started;

  1. Visit NTSA Tims portal sign in page or register if you do not have an account. If your account login details are not correct Go to NTSA Likoni Office (we advise this branch because it is not overcrowded. It is located in Likoni Road, Nairobi)
  2. At the login page, enter your id number as the username and password you used when you created your account.
  3. Click Get Code  
  4. A Verification Code will be sent to your phone number. Enter the code and click sign in.
  5. Click on Driving License Tab 
  6. Click on Apply for Smart DL. If all your details are correct, click the next button at the bottom of the page.
  7. Click Pay Button
  8. You will be redirected to the payment page. Select your payment method, pay, and click the complete button 
  9. After clicking the complete button you will be redirected to a page with your invoice. Click the print button and then click save to download a pdf of the invoice for security and reference purposes.
  10. After downloading, go back to the web page and click the Submit button
  11. Select collection location and book the date when your Biometrics will be taken. Green indicates available booking time and date while red indicates that booking time is not available on that date.) 

You are done with the application process. You can always reschedule the booking time. Below is a video that illustrates how to apply if you did not understand the procedure above.

UPDATE: To get a smart license, you are required to book an appointment with NTSA to be served without much queuing. An SMS will be sent to you when your appointment time or day is ready. To book an appointment just log in to your account and click SmartDL appointment.

How long  does it take to get smart driving license

It takes about 3 weeks to get your smart driving license after your biometrics have been taken. However, as systems improve the waiting period should have significantly reduced (this waiting period is based on the day this post was published).

Where to Resolve NTSA TIMS login or Activation issues (step 2)

Visit Upperhill NTSA Headquarters and go to Counter 7 where TIMS issues are solved. Be sure to carry you’re a copy of your parent’s ID, your ID, and KRA pin for activation of your account. However, if you are details are okay go to the step above.

Be sure to carry some lunch (money) as the queues there are long.

NTSA Tims Login errors and Solutions (step 3)

The most common kind of error when you are login to the NTSA TIMS account is “User not found or the user doesn’t have a registered mobile number or login error

Possible Cause of error: Replacement of ID. If you replace your ID, your serial number changes.

Solution: Follow STEP 2

  • If you are getting error on connection kindly try using another browser like internet explore
  • If you KRA pin is not being recognized kindly contact KRA for help.

Will the Old Driving License still be used?

Yes, The old driving license will still be in use until 80% of the drivers have acquired the Smart Driving License.

For more driving tutorials, guides and tips join our YouTube channel: Kenyayote Driving

For those asking in the comment section, here is how to download an interim driving license.

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46 responses

  1. Wayne Avatar

    Kama ume book day ya ku apply lisence alafu ipite inaeza expire
    Before uja apply

  2. Sam Avatar

    If you have successfully passed your drive test, is it a must you pay for new driving license in order to get smart driving license?

  3. Felician Avatar

    Can i book for my DL again
    But at different region?

  4. LYLE OWITI Avatar

    Hey I’m asking if i haven’t printed the pdf of the payment of the smart drivers license can I still get it or its a must i have the reference
    if the reference is needed how can i get it

  5. Henry Barasa Avatar
    Henry Barasa


  6. Wambui Avatar

    Hi, i have the old driving license and i want the smart dl , what’s the procedure

    1. Kenyayote Support Avatar

      Login to the NTSA TIMS portal, if your DL details have been correctly migrated to the TIMS portal then apply for smart DL.

    2. Ezra Nyaigoti Avatar
      Ezra Nyaigoti

      How much is the smart DL

      1. Abraham Avatar


  7. Samwel mbugua kimani Avatar
    Samwel mbugua kimani

    My Driving License has not come out and those who applied after me have received theirs I applied on June 9 at kibra

  8. ace Avatar

    just relog into your tims account and reschedule….its fast easy and straight forward

  9. Andrew Avatar

    What should you do if you want to renew a PDL?

  10. Blue Avatar

    Hey, how do I reschedule a booking I missed?

  11. Peter kinoti Avatar
    Peter kinoti

    What if the phone number that are appearing on my account not mine and the code that are being sent to me I can’t see it

    1. Kenyayote Support Avatar

      You have change to the phone number to receive the code

  12. gavin oluoch Avatar
    gavin oluoch

    if i lost my older booklet dl,can iapply direct for smart dl,without paying for the renewals fee



  14. Daneil Avatar

    I have34 years as a driver I should go for driving chool again?

  15. John owino omware Avatar
    John owino omware

    Nilifanya driving last year but one na sijaaply smart card ..nauliza ka naeza apply now?

    1. Abraham Avatar

      Yes you can

  16. Tulsi Avatar

    How to apply for interim driving licence through Tims

    1. Victor Avatar

      Im asking the same but I think interim aiko nower days nikama unaapply dl direct ama

  17. Jacinta Ndinda Muindi Avatar
    Jacinta Ndinda Muindi

    Can book for my DL again
    Coz I missed the appointment date?

    1. ace Avatar

      Yes you can

  18. felix Avatar

    kindly help.I registered my account with ecitizen website and afterwards I created a tims account.Now whenever I try to register for smart DL in TIMS account I always get error.The cyber man told me my data from ecitizen haven’t been transferred to TIMS account.How can I transfer my data from ecitizen to my TIMS account? or do I have to visit the NTSA offices?

    1. Kenyayote Support Avatar

      Which error are you getting?

      1. Abraham Avatar

        Math error

    2. Marko kyende Josiah Avatar
      Marko kyende Josiah

      Is my driving license ready

  19. Oluoch david Avatar
    Oluoch david

    How can I obtain driving license for a motorbike

  20. Joash randa Avatar
    Joash randa

    I have already registered tims acount what next?

  21. Geoffrey Nyambane Paul Avatar
    Geoffrey Nyambane Paul

    If i took B1,B2 and C1 ,can they reflect on my one smart DL?

    1. ace Avatar

      Yes,the new smart DL features the different classes….they’ll be integrated as per the classes. Eg A,B….

  22. Joseph Avatar

    naeza book smart card driving license kwa cyber cafe

    1. Elvis Nyakang'i Avatar

      Yes, the most important thing is you remember you TIMS login details.

  23. Benson Mwangi mwaniki Avatar
    Benson Mwangi mwaniki

    driving licence

    1. ace Avatar

      What about the driving licence?

  24. Ammon Avatar

    Kufungua TIMS account noma!!!!!saidieni bana

  25. Moses Avatar

    I accidentally wrote Kakamega as my DTU instead of Nairobi.
    How can you help to change it

    1. ace Avatar

      As long as you havent applied for the interim that can be changed

    2. Abraham Avatar

      Go for your test in kakamega no otherwise

  26. Ima Avatar

    Is it a must you apply for an Interim license first? Can you just apply for the Smart DL direct from passing your driving test?

    1. ace Avatar

      Yes its a must, the system is set in such a way that the step cannot be skipped

  27. evans odhiambo okoto Avatar
    evans odhiambo okoto

    my interim licence please

  28. collins kipkosgei Avatar
    collins kipkosgei

    mbona Tims account imekataa kufunguka n test nilipita

    1. ace Avatar

      Reconfirm your password, username and ensure the code you are also getting is correctly entered

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