How Rich is University of Nairobi? (UON Net Worth Figures)

Get to know how much the top University in Kenya according 2018 Webometrics rankings, University of Nairobi is worth and where it gets all its riches from. We will rely on financial reports provided by government authorities and the institution itself.

A Detailed article on How Rich the University of Nairobi and its net worth figures
A Detailed article on How Rich the University of Nairobi and its net worth figures/Photo Source UON

University of Nairobi Financial Condition

When I talk of best Universities in Kenya, I suppose there is one that comes to the mind of every Kenyan. And that is the University of Nairobi. But one thing that many Kenyan’s don’t know is that its financial situation play a great role in making it among the best.

So how does University of Nairobi achieve its fantastic financial condition? This is what I am going to explain. We are going to give a break down of  how UON raises its billions of money. We will rely on authentic sources.

Summary of Facts about University of Nairobi

Below are facts about the University of Nairobi as indicated in their official website as at 10th October 2018 (the day this article was published).

  • UON offers 540 academic programmes
  • University of Nairobi total student population: 84,000
  • UON academic staff with PhDs: 2,220
  • University of Nairobi number of professors: 450
  • UON administrative and technical staff : 5,525

Data Source: UON Fact File

How University of Nairobi Gets Rich

Below you will get details for how university of Nairobi raises billions of money to make it among the top richest Universities in Kenya. The figures are based on University of Nairobi Annual Report and Financial Report from the Auditor General that is available to the public;

UON revenue Generated from non-exchange  and exchange Transactions

  • Capitation Grant: 5,209,342,584
  • Special Grant: 1,442,933,395
  • CBA Reimbursements: 564,098,806
  • Tuition and other fees: 636,376,671
  • Accreditation fees:940,000
  • Other services rendered: 30,059,343
  • Accommodation, Catering and other income: 728,665,197
  • Transfer from IGUs for specifc purposes: 3,592,336,889

Total Revenue: 12.2 billion

Total Expenses: 12.6 billion

Loss:  0.4 billion

(Note: figures are in Ksh. and have been rounded to one decimal point)

It should be noted that Academic departments have the highest expenses (about 7 billion) which cripples the revenues raised. On other hand grants are the top contributors of revenue raised by the University of Nairobi.

University of Nairobi Assets

  • Cash and Cash Equivalents: 1,396,430,064
  • Short Term Deposits: 2,668,982,669
  • Trade and Other Receivables: 5,107,526,632
  • Inventories: 262,191,910
  • Property, Plant and Equipment: 94,921,005,500
  • Investments: 123,342,147

Total Assets: 104.479 billion

Total liabilities: 3.946 billion

Net assets: 100.533 billion

(Note: figures are in Ksh. and have been rounded to 3 decimal points)

Data Source: UON published Annual report and Auditor General Report

How Much is University of Nairobi Worth

A calculation of the figures and data provided above leads to a conclusion that the University of Nairobi is worthy over 100 billion. Making it one of the riches Universities in Kenya.


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