How Campus students can Make Money online in Kenya through

Are you a campus student in Kenya? Learn How to make money online in Kenya as you study and get paid through mpesa. The website that we will focus on here is

Ways of how Campus students can make money online in Kenya through Muthurwa marketplace
Ways of how Campus students can make money online in Kenya through website and other jobs for college students in the internet/Photo


Online Jobs for campus students in Kenya

There are a number of ways through which campus student can make money online in Kenya. If you visit money page you will be able to familiarize yourself with such methods. But  just to mention a few;

  1. Transcription: Check an article we did about transcription jobs website in this page.
  2. Affiliate Programme: This all about referring people to purchase a product from a particular online shop then earn a commission. We provided a list of websites that pay through affiliate programme in this page.
  3. Article Writing: There are a number of websites that pay you to write articles for their clients. Such websites include iwriter, upwork e.t.c
  4. Blogging: We have an awesome ebook that teaches you how to make money online through blogging in Kenya. Check the ebook in this page.
  5. Selling your Digital products on muthurwa marketplace: You can sell your products on muthurwa marketplace and get paid via mpesa. More details are provided below

NOTE: Jobs that involve opinion polls and surveys do pay peanuts. There are plenty of them in the internet. Just avoid them.

How students can make money online in Kenya by selling on Muthurwa Marketplace

Below is a step by step procedure on how start selling your products at muthurwa marketplace. But first lets familiarize ourselves with some of the digital products you can sell on

  • Ebooks
  • WordPress themes
  • Photos
  • Graphics
  • Templates
  • House Plans
  • Interior Designs
  • Class Notes
  • Revision Papers
  • Poems
  • Guides
  • e.t.c
students to make money online in Keny
A website for campus students to make money online in Kenya/Photo

Step 1: Registration Process

Step 2: Apply to be a seller

  • After setting your account
  • Login into your account
  • In My account section, Click MY SHOP tab
  • Fill required details
  • Then Click, Submit For Review

Step 3: Uploading your products

  • After shop approval. Go to MY SHOP
  • Then go to Items
  • Then go to ADD ITEMS tabs
  • On your left, go to the upload tab to add featured item
  • Add product title
  • Select product category
  • Add tags or keywords
  • Add your product price
  • Upload the file (product) you are selling
  • Then add your product description
  • Then submit for review (takes 24hrs)

Check back your account to see your earnings. You can always withdwaw money from your account through mpesa or paypal.

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