How to help your child build their self-esteem in school

How to help your child build their self-esteem in school



A child who is successful in school and actively engages in all school activities is always motivated and confident. A child with a high self-esteem feels appreciated, confident and they are always prepared to face new challenges. Children with low self-esteem on the other hand always feel insecure, lack confidence and they don’t believe in their abilities. This guide will provide you with the dos and don’ts when it comes to ensuring your child has a high self esteem.


Praise your child


Praising your child when they accomplish simple tasks helps them become more confident. It is however not advisable to give your child praise that they don’t deserve because doing so makes them feel like they have already achieved even when they have not making them to put little or no effort in improving. When your child comes to discover that they are not as good as you say. Their self-esteem becomes lowered.


Avoid comparing your child with others


Do not compare the failures of your child with the achievements of other children. This will make them feel under appreciated.


Don’t pamper your child


Let your child do things for him or herself. Allow them to face challenges by themselves as this will help in boosting their self-confidence. Let your child learn to take responsibility and solve their own problems

Encourage your child

Help your child build their confidence by encouraging them to do the activities that interest them.

Don’t have over expectations from your child


Every parent wants their child to lead in their class. What most parents don’t understand is that children have different abilities. It is important to know your child’s ability in school and avoid having high expectations from them.

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