HELB Cancels Disbursement of students loans

HELB Cancels Disbursement of student Loans until school re-open



HELB has announced that all student Loan disbursements for the year 2020 for different universities and colleges have been cancelled.

HELB statement

In a status they posted on the social media, helb indicated that “We wish to inform our clients that following the closure of learning intuition to curb the spread of Covid-19, pending payment will be made upon re-opening

HELB Cancels Disbursement of students loans
HELB Cancels Disbursement of students loans/Photo by HELB

Reactions from beneficiaries

Below are reactions from some of helb loan beneficiaries (some comments have been slightly edited for grammar correction);

Wangason Alekih: “Helb you got a good excuse now..you had nothing to say before. Its like you have no money. Is it guaranteed that on opening all the Batch numbers will be disbursed?

Kijana Forsaken: “These guys are either Lazy, Broke or just don’t care at all. I can bet, if the government was to announce reopening on Monday, ^PM would still be singing the usual Choruses “Be patient, Payment is underway, We have initiated, We will notify you via SMS, We are yet to assign a batch”. HELB if only the President could order a customer satisfaction survey of your services, you will go home, why lie. Anyway Comrades are mobilising and when they speak you will tremble

Re-opening of schools

All earning institutions in Kenya were asked to close by 20th March 2020 to curb the spread of Coronavirus and it is not known when exactly they will re-open.

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4 responses

  1. mugeni Avatar

    my helb was disbursed but after one week again the process reversed to disbursement in progress what might be the problem.


    HELB to disburs money as we are about to start examinations but there are fee arears.

  3. Elly kiplangat Avatar
    Elly kiplangat

    We eagerly waiting for disbursement

  4. Anatomica Medicare Avatar
    Anatomica Medicare

    HELB is doing a wonderful job.

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