Employee management at Google Corporation that keeps it on top

 Employee management at Google Corporation that keeps it on top

Google is a worldwide service provider that gives feedback to different servers. Services such as Google maps, Gmail, Search and Google translation are among the services offered by Google. To provide excellent services to its customers, Google has created a serene working environment for its employees among many others.

In the management of its employees, Google has put in place a well-structured human resource management to ensure that all the needs of its employees are well catered for. This has gone a mile ahead in ensuring good relation among its workers and nay complaints coming from the employees are well catered for. In so doing, the employees have gotten a good working environment and therefore, giving the best services to its customers.

Google has also created equal employment opportunities among its employees. Employment is based on merit and qualification rather than through friendships and family ties. Promotions are also given to deserving employees therefore, in the end no one feels shortchanged. This has in the end motivated the employees into giving the best to the customers.

In the management of employees, Google has encouraged trust and mutual respect among its employees. This has resulted to team building and teamwork. Teamwork on the other hand, has ensured employees struggling to achieve the group’s goal as a team and customers have enjoyed unshared commitment from Google employees

Creation of a serene working environment has also had a positive impact on the way service is delivered to Google customers. The employees work in a conducive environment free from harassment of any kind whether verbal or discriminations. Intimidations of any kind is highly condemned in Google. The rights of employees are highly valued and this has given the employees a positive environment to work in.

To serve its customers effectively, Google has also ensured that there is no conflict of interest among its employees. The employees should not have other personal interest on top of the organizations interest. This has brought about employees loyalty to their job  therefore, customer loyalty.

Management of employee relation has had a great impact on Google in serving its customers. Google has gone an extra mile in ensuring an unbiased access to information for all its customers regardless of race, gender, color, and ones background. This has brought many customers from diverse background therefore making Google an excellent search engine (Hof, 2008).

Google has ensured a safe working environment for its workers, this environment that is safe from harassment of any kind has created confidence among the employees. This safe environment includes providing security of personal information for both the customers and the employees. The security assured by Google has encouraged its employees to venture into giving information of all manners necessary in  the market thereby serving customers of all range.

Privacy, security, and freedom of expressions are also important provision by the Google management to its employees. Employees are not restricted from giving useful information as long as it is in accordance to Google terms and conditions. Security of the employee is also guaranteed and their identity well protected where need be. This has created confidence among the employees in their working environment thereby ensuring quality products and services.

Responsiveness is also encouraged in Google. Taking into consideration the employees and customers complaints. Google provides feedback channel to its customers and employees such that incase of any complaints it can be easily aired to the responsible departments.

Duty delegation among the employees has also led to easy supervision among the employees. The management delegates duties to its junior employees to avoid confusion and for easy supervision. All the employees feel recognized that way and in the end they strive to give quality services to Google customers.

Drugs and substance abuse are also discouraged in the Google organization. First, it is because of its health effects and secondly abuse of drugs in the office normally leads to lack of understandings and abuse of office by the drug abusers. This code of conduct has gone a mile in ensuring a sober working environment and healthy employees in the end.

I integrity is also a key issue in the Google environment. Creating trust among the employees and the customers is an important issue in the Google market and this has created loyalty among Google customers.

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