bullying kenyan secondary schools high schools

CS Matiangi take on Bullying in Kenya High Schools, Secondary schools

Revelation of  Bullying in Alliance  High school has brought into light the challenges, suffering and pain that form ones (first years) go through in secondary schools in Kenya. Ministry of Education through CS Matiangi has issued an order.

bullying kenyan secondary schools high schools
Images of a girl being bullied by her seniors. Bullying has become the order of the day in Kenyan Schools/Photo

CS Fred Matiangi Statement

After reports, videos and photos of bullying in alliance high school emerged, Ministry of Education Cabinet Secretary-CS Fred Matiangi has ordered for the probe into bullying in high schools and promised to ensure that it comes to end. The CS was peaking in Kenya Coast National Polytechnic where he was attending the institution’s graduation ceremony.

Bullying in Kenya High Schools, Secondary schools: Case of Alliance High School

Chilling revelations of bullying in alliance high school brought to the public an image of the suffering that form ones go through in the hands of form fours and prefects.  There has been so much  media concentration about the alliance incidence, but it should be noted that bullying is a countrywide problem that affects  the school climate and the rights of students to study peacefully.


Mutation of Bullying in Kenya
In 1990s, physical bullying was prevalent that it forced the ministry of education to intervene. This gave birth to another kind of silent bullying-Verbal Bullying. Students who join high school for the first name are branded names like “monos”  that demean their status.

Teachers Role in Bullying in Kenya’s leaning institution

Bullying in high schools most often takes place where teacher supervision is low or absent. This include in areas like dormitories where form ones are forced to  do heavy manual as their seniors (form fours) watch. In playgrounds where teachers are not present, form one are forced to do strenuous exercises that  hurt their body and send  their health down the drain

Why do secondary schools form fours and prefects engage in bullying?
The form fours and prefects who engages in bullying have a need to feel powerful.  They want to be in control of their juniors. The bullies derive satisfaction from the suffering of form ones and have little empathy on them.

Bullying is also a societal problem. Parent use physical punishment to correct any wrong that their children commit. As the children grow up, they adopt the same culture. That physical punishment is the only way of correcting problems.
Drugs use by students have also contributed to the acceleration of bullying in high schools. Most bullies have been reported to be heavy consumers of drugs.


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