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Cause of Global Warming in Africa



Cause of Global Warming in Africa: Global warming is the phenomenon of increase in earth’s temperatures due to the failure of certain gases to leave the atmosphere. As such, there is increase in heat levels within the earth’s atmosphere because of the heat generated by this situation. These gases that have the tendency to trap heat that was to leave the atmosphere are called “greenhouse gases.” Despite the prevailing differences on the understanding of the causes, trends and the extents to which man can deal with global warming, there is consensus that this is the most serious environmental problem facing the globe today.


Global warming in Africa is caused by a number of factors ranging from human to natural. Deforestation, poor government policy on environmental friendliness, industrial emissions, petroleum emissions from running machines are some of the major human causes of global warming. Natural happenstances like gaseous emissions from geysers and volcanic eruptions are some of the natural causes of global warming. Though scholars agree that the causes of global warming have been there even before the human community, it is vital to state that human activities are the greatest contributors to this problem.


The consequences of global warming in Africa come in a package of deadly manifestations that occur both rapidly and gradually. The most prominent ones include floods, drought, disease outbreaks and the destruction of various natural and manmade facilities. Drought and floods can be explained by the increase of evaporation and transpiration that results in such an instance where temperatures are abnormally too high. Depending with the vegetative cover in an area, flooding easily occurs because rainfall is in most cases high and irregular. Many disease causing organisms also thrive in places of high temperatures and humidity. The emergence of diseases like skin cancer and skin problems are some of the problems experts associate with change in global temperatures. Global warming which is in most cases caused by indiscriminate felling of trees definitely will lead to droughts and destruction of natural beauty and biodiversity. Consequently, loss of life and property eventually comes as a result of the subsidiary problems of flooding and drought. In such cases, environmental problems like pollution result. Water, soil, and air pollution result because the terrestrial and aerial space is congested by the gases in the atmosphere.


Considering the nature and causes plus a proper understanding of the consequences of this phenomenon, there is need that all of us exhaust all facilities within reach to curb global warming. As it were, a very holistic and responsible approach is all that can help avert the negative effects of it. It is time that governments set and follow up on policies that will help heal the current situation and forestall the future. This may include tree planting campaigns and very strict guidelines on exploration of natural resources like forests. Every person is to bear the cost of making this planet a better place to live in. While we cannot fully fight the menace of global warming, there is need that we do our best and trust God with the rest. Another very important tool that can really help in the war against global warming is the media. With proper revision of media content on and attitude in environmental matters, much can be achieved in this pursuit. Majority of people are more glued to certain television and radio stations than they are to books and journals that speak on environmental affairs. Studies have shown that media outlets play a very vital part in shaping the attitude of their audience towards environmental trends. For example, Feldman state that, “Specifically, the more often people watched Fox News the less accepting they were of global warming.” With proper policy, environmental experts and governments can invest in educating the masses through this media. This can closely be considered alongside the up surge in technology and rise in social media usage. In the interest of reaching the widest audience, campaigners on environmental friendliness can achieve much by rendering their lessons and messages through social media .


Conclusion of Cause of Global Warming in Africa


Global warming is here with us, its effects are really damaging the environment and making it unfriendly for habitation. Despite the fact that there are natural causes to it, mankind can do a great deal to arrest it because we cannot afford compromise on our grip on making this world a better environment. With the increasing population and the need to clear more land for farming and settlement coupled up with the rapid increase in industrialization and machinery, the fight against global warming is most complex today. While that is the case, we must always remain awake to the fact that nature is very fair to us, she gives back to us what we have given her. If we foolishly harm the environment, we will terribly pay the consequences.


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