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Caroline Mutoko’s view on how Prof. Olive Mugenda ruined Kenyatta University in 10 years

Prof. Olive Mugenda’s reign as Kenyatta University Vice Chancellor comes to an end and we’ve got a compilation of her achievements and what critics are saying.


After serving as the vice chancellor of Kenyatta University for about 10 years, Prof. Olive Mugenda is finally leaving the great institution. Many have praised her for the infrastructural developments she has managed to achieve for the ten years. But famous radio queen Caroline Mutoko has a different view about Prof. Olive Mugenda’s performance.


This is what she had to say quote unquote “Why should a lecturer teach a class of 300 students in Chemistry and call it development? In JKUAT a class has a maximum of 60 students. Why should we make KU a market place and call it development. Tell me which journal is published by KU? Which educational conference preceding has KU hosted under Madam. KU is an educational institution and its chief trade should be on education, not building Unicities, buying hotels at the coast, and starting secular TV stations for the sake of making money. Even MKU had an international conference recently. If an institution is involved in research work it will get lots of funds from donors. Yes, Stanford has a TV station, but is purely for academic purposes in what is called the MOOCs. KU is offering everything including Agriculture, yet it does not have any land under agriculture! Aren’t we wasting our sons and daughters? I hope the next VC at KU will restore the learning culture, not the buildings culture.
Oxford has less fancy buildings than KU but offers one of the best in research and education.
Why have many buildings and overlapping courses without enough lecturers and zero publications? I’d rather have students get quality education under trees. Why issue people with PhDs just to fill up numbers?” (Original Post)



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