How to buy on Aliexpress in Kenya via Mpesa and shipping procedure

How to buy products at Aliexpress in Kenya: Shop, Ship, and Pay-Alibaba

Aliexpress and Alibaba products buying and shipping to Nairobi, Kenya: Aliexpress is a sister company of Alibaba. The difference between the two  is that sells items in wholesale to manufacturers, companies and re-sellers while  is a retail marketplace that sells items to buyers or individuals. Aliexpress is like Jumia and Kilimall but it connects millions of buyers and sellers across globe.

UPDATE: You can now use Mpesa as one of the payment methods on Aliexpress.

aliexpress shopping in kenya and payment shipping importing
Aliexpress shopping in Kenya and payment shipping, importing, Custom duties and Delivery methods

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Why shop at Aliexpress and not Jumia, Kilimall and other Kenyan ecommerce

There are several advantages and a few disadvantages of shopping online at Aliexpress and not Jumia and Kilimall. The main advantages is that Aliexpress has a wide range of products going at a cheaper price compared to Kenyan online shops.

Guide on how to shop from Aliexpress in Kenya

  • Visit website: and create your account
  • After registration, go to “My AliExpress” to enter your shipping address.
  • Search for any product that impresses you. Make sure that you look at the sellers and products rating, review to get the best product (Check below on buying precautions)
  • Double check to ensure you have selected the right products (Color, size, model, version e.t.c)
  • Place the order (Check below for best shipping methods to the Kenya)
  • Pay for your product (To pay for your order on AliExpress, check payment method below)

Tracking your Shipped items from Aliexpress: Once you have placed an order for your product, Aliexpress will email you a ‘tracking number” which will help you track the progress of shipment.

How to import, ship from Aliexpress to  Kenya

  • DHL No limit in product weight (Best option)
  • Postal Address

NOTE 1: You will have to pay customs duty and  handling fee for the post office

NOTE 2: The delivery using posta may take from 20 days to  2 months to arrive. The longer the delivery time the cheaper the fee. DHL takes a bout 4 to days to deliver but clearance at JKIA may take another 3 days.  With DHL you must pay tax not matter how small your items are but with Posta, you may not pay any tax for small packages.

How to pay for Aliexpress purchase for Kenyan Buyers

Aliexpress offers different payment methods. For Kenyan buyers choose any method that best suits you.

  • Master Card
  • Visa
  • Bank Transfer
  • Western Union
  • Mpesa

Your Credit and debit card  are safe as your payment is secured by Verisign SSL.

How to avoid losing your money to scams at Aliexpress
As much as Aliexpress is a reputable and trusted shopping site, it has its own challenges that you have to be aware of to avoid falling into the hands poor quality product sellers.

  • Seller Reviews: Always buy items from sellers with positive feedback.  Sellers who care about their reputation will not sell bad products to their customers. Good sellers also have a good rating and high number of sells.
  • Product Details: Kindly  Ensure that you check all details about the item. Don’t be deceived by photos alone.  Look at the features, specifications, compatibility, size, version, color, model, manufactures for originality, guarantees and brands.
  • Communication: Before you buy any product from aliexpress, communicate with the seller via chat message and clear any doubts that you might have about the product.
  • Shipping method: Always take note of shopping details.  Chose trusted shipping methods like  posta to avoid receiving damaged products. I encourage you not to pick free shipping method as it will take longer to receive your product.
  • Import Duties, Taxes or Custom: You will have to clear import duties, taxes or other customs related charges. You should however not be worried as the custom charges are not that much. If you add the custom charges plus the product price, you will notice that it is still worth it to buy from Aliexpress.
  • Buyer Protection: Ensure that your product is protected

Aliexpress Payment Refund for Goods Not Delivered

You will not lose your money if you do not receive the product you paid for.  Once you make payment, it is held by Alibaba Cart and will only be released to the seller once you have received your product. You can ask for a refund if you don’t receive the item.

NOTE: Ensure that the item you purchase at Aliexpress is covered under buyer protection

Aliexpress Kenyan contact phone number details: CHAT

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