Betrayal in the City by Francis Imbuga Book Review (Play Summary)

The book Betrayal in the City by Francis Imbuga illustrates that the oppressed cannot remain silent forever, they will ultimately rise up demand for their rights. Find a summary of the play’s plot below.

Betrayal in the City by Francis Imbuga Book Review, summary of the plot, theme analysis
Betrayal in the City by Francis Imbuga Book Review, summary of the plot, theme analysis/Photo

Summary of the play Betrayal in the City

The Play Betrayal in the City illustrates how citizens are being oppressed by the regime. The voices of the characters (citizens) in the play have a been suppressed. They cannot speak up on the evils happening in the society for fear of being brutalized by the government.


The University students cannot anymore tolerate the way the affairs of the government are being run. Unemployment is rising, corruption is evident, tribalism and ethnicity are widespread. Faced with the reality that things will never change if they can’t resist the oppressive regime, they hold  demonstrations in the city leading to the killing of  one of them, Adika.

Moses Wa Tanga a lecturers at the university who has remained silenced as things unfold cannot hold it anymore. The killing of Adika becomes his turning point. He starts preaching the gospel of resistance. He is later arrested and thrown to prison.

Jusper a university students is pained by the killing of his brother Adika. He continues the resistance from where his brother left it. He is later arrested by the government in a move to silence him.

He later writes the play and ends up organizing a coup that topples the government.

Jusper’s parents Nina and Doga encounter the oppression after the killing of their son. They are not allowed to freely express themselves during the burial. The Government stops them from performing a saving ceremony citing insecurity. The parents defy the orders and go ahead to perform the ceremony. They end up being brutally murdered.

Francis Imbuga ‘s Betrayal in the City is a book that clearly illustrates how pushing people to the corner leads rebellion and resistance.

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We have more analysis of Francis Imbuga ‘s Betrayal in the City in our next update. These include (Themes, setting, style, characters  scenes,  Corruption ,e.t.c).

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