Best Cheapest Taxi drivers in Nairobi, Kenya: Hiring Affordable cabs in CBD for safari

Best Cheapest Taxi drivers in Nairobi, Kenya: Hiring Affordable cabs in CBD for safari


Here comes the holiday. Do you want to travel to Nairobi and you are wondering where you can get the best, reliable and most affordable Taxi driver for your  safari walk day or personal movements around the city? Then this comprehensive guide will do you better more so for guests.

I am writing  about two reliable Taxi drivers that i have personal experience with. These  drivers are flexible, patient  and friendly. I am not going to mention their names but below you will get a contact to link up with them.


As they drive you towards your destination they will keep entertaining you with funny stories about the experiences they have had  in their business. One of them will tell you a funny story of a tourist he picked from the airport who when they were almost approaching Nairobi CBD asked him “Is that a market?.”

The two drivers both have cabs which are almost similar. They are  fit for  three people and  have a boot that can accommodate 3 large traveling bags. Their taxis are well fitted sits that guarantee you comfort. The two  Nairobi taxi drivers drive at a moderate speed and have been in the field for about 5 years. They have a clear understanding of Nairobi routes.

Am not going to mention how much  the two taxi drivers charge because it depends on the distance you are going to cover. However, i assure you that they offer the most affordable taxi hiring prices in Nairobi. The two are always located in Archives, Nairobi for the locals. For tourists just get intouch with Elvis: +254720680341 and  he will link you to them.

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Some may also want t know how effective is Uber in Nairobi, Kenya.

I have never used Uber for taxi transportation  but my friend Peter who has used it told me that  although Uber  taxis are worth trusting there costs flactuate at a whim in rush hour.  He also says when using Uber, it feels like somebody somewhere is tracking every movement you are making.. Then again Uber  does not accept prepaid cards. So if you are used to using prepaid cards online and offline, Uber may not be your choice in Nairobi.

The only one good thing about uber that i know is that it is effective with the GPS locator.

Are you planning to stay in a hotel?

Then you should not be worried about taxi transportation because most hotels in Nairobi provide cabs though am not sure about their charges..
Do you need to hire the two taxi drivers mentioned above for your safari in Nairobi? Get intouch with Elvis: +254720680341 and he will link you to them.

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