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Am in US currently I want to use my number for roaming. I also want to reinstall my whatsapp but can’t receive the security code through message and also can’t receive a call. Am in post pay. Kindly help me am desperate

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Before travelling to the US, ensure that you have activated roaming services by dialing 200 for PostPay. If you had activated, on arrival you will be automatically switched to the available networks.  If it does not automatically switch, manually select the available network on your device under network settings. AT and T and T-mobile are the official Safaricom roaming partners in the US.

For roaming inquiries, can contact Safaricom via email to advantage@safaricom.co.ke using the email you registered your post pay account with to have your roaming line activated.

You can also call Safaricom via +254204272200 or +254722002200 (calls are chargeable)

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