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I have a 4 year old daughter who is usually sickly. The dad and I separated a year ago..but he keeps lying he doesnt have a job i even gave him time of the whole year to be stable but even after that one year the story is the same. I have a chronic disease and i am on serious medical treatment therefore i cant manage evrything alone, my daughter needs to go to school but he doesnt want to do that. I am ready we share responsibilities 50 50. I have never asked fr it when i was healthy and working but now situation is such that i have no option.

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The best thing is take this case to court so that you can prove that the father has a job. It is also important to note that even if the father does not have a job, he may still be required to pay for child support as the court may direct.
Where do i go to report? Fida? Or?  I dont know because child support office he was summoned he has never come.
Also if the matter reaches the court and he does not avail himself is that the end of story or is there some other way the court will help me.
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If he is required to appear in court and he does not show up then a warrant of arrest will be issued against him.
Thanks alot for this. Please do where i am i required to go?? Childrens court or fida? I dont know where go with such complaints so as for it to be a court case. Because the area childrens office doesnt help. Please assist me.
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Go to FIDA they'll tell you what to do.

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