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I want to immigrate to Canada from Kenya. What are the key requirements?

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If you want to emigrate from Kenya to Canada, be aware that life in Canada is too expensive and therefore you must have a stable job before even you think of going there.

To get a Canadian visa, you must meet the following requirements

  • Have a Kenyan passport
  • Be in good health. No complications at all.
  • You must not have any criminal record
  • Have work offer letter or admission letter
  • Evidence like business asset or family to prove that you will return to Kenya
  • Bank statement to show that you can manage life Canada

It is advisable to use a reputable agent if you want your application process to be swift. Kindly note that agents can only help you if you meet all the requirements stated above. It does not mean that an agent will help you to corrupt you way to Canada. Emigrating from Kenya to Canada is considered on merit. The only advantage of using an agent is that they know which office to go and what to fill.

Beaware of immigration agents in Kenya who are out there to scam people.

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