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Hi im Cynthiah i have an issue with my helb loan status since September its written allocated with no amount and has never been disbursed. Please helb me.

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HELB loan allocated status means payment has been allocated and now you will have to wait for Disbursement.
How long will it take after day of allocation till disbursement
Hi, am jacinta. The same to me. I applied this year march. The status remains allocated but theres no money in the school account. I have tried to appeal but the + sign is - instead so i cant appeal. So what do i do?
Helb is just a scum this board was put in place to punish and trouble student s,,,you can wait for thier loan for very many months,,its not something you can depend on even after reaciving funds from government they act reluctantly in disbursement of the loans,,,I would advise you look for alternative sources of money to help you.
Hello , I also made my first application on March the year 2021 but my status says that the loan as been allocated till now. Please how can I be helped since I am unable to raise my school fee.

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