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What are circumstances that can cause a business to succeed in their activities?

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Circumstances that can cause a business to succeed in their activities include;

  • Where there is proper location of the business convenient for its operations .i.e Availability of customers.
  • Where there are favourable government policies it encourages growth and investment.
  • Where there is political stability and security thus creates certainty and confidence to entrepreneurs.
  • Where there is fair competition to enable business access markets for its goods and services
  • Where there is use of modern technology in production of goods and services promoting quality production.
  • Where there is adequate capital to run and expand the business.
  • Where there is availability of skilled and adequate labor matched to their job specialization
  • Where there is good customer relationship and care to attract and retain clients.
  • Where there is availability of good infrastructure for business to access its market and inputs.
  • Where there is proper marketing plans to increase sales.

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