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Can you send to me cluster points for nursing at different universities please?

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Below is a list of cut-off points (cluster)  for Bachelor of Science in Nursing in different Universities in Kenya:

  • BARA: 39.487
  • CU: 39.937
  • CUEA: 39.334
  • DAYSTAR: 38.642
  • DKUT: 39.706
  • EU: 41.338
  • JKUAT: 42.097
  • KABU: 40.805
  • KARU: 38.492
  • KEMU: 39.353
  • KSU: 40.431
  • KU: 42.369
  • KYU: 38.403
  • MKU: 41.257
  • MMARAU: 38.241
  • MMUST: 40.996
  • MSU: 41.175
  • MU: 41.752
  • MUST: 38.992
  • PU: 38.879
  • PUEA: 37.010
  • SEKU: 37.728
  • SPU: 37.581
  • UMMA: 36.815
  • UOEM: 38.848
  • UOK: 38.931
  • UON: 42.727
  • UZIMA: 37.503

If you don't understand the University short codes, you can Google.

Nursing Degree Minimum Subject Requirements

  • BIO: C+
  • CHE: C+
  • MAT A / PHY: C+
  • ENG / KIS: C+

NOTE: These are cut-off points for 2020 which are used 20212 kuccps revision of courses.

I would like to know my cluster points
How to know my cluster points
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KUCCPS points will be updated in your KUCCPS Student portal.
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To know your cluster points, login to https://students.kuccps.net/ and you will see them indicated.
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I have a C in maths B- in English B- in biology can I pursue nursing and a mean grade of B-
How to calculate your cluster points
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Login to kuccps student portal. You will find your cluster points automatically calculated.
I had mean grade of B+ having aB+ in chemistry and biology.Aplain in maths and B plain in kiswahili can i qualify nursing?
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A nursing degree is normally competitive. With a mean grade of B+, it is hard to qualify under the government-sponsored program.
I want to know mine
B minus of 59
I have  cluster point of 30.7 can i do degree in nursing in Kenya .........i got C- in English,and C plain in kiws,,B+in bio,c+ in chem and mao
I met minimum entry requirements for nursing in University but don't meet cutoff points for different Universities does it mean that I will not be allowed to do nursing?
Which Universities are offering nursing with cluster points of 35 and below
How can I know my cluster points I had a B+ of 72
I have mean grade of C+ with maths C+, Chem C, Bio B+, I.R.E A-, Geo A-, Hist A, and Eng D can I do certificate  in nursing or diploma
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I have not meet the clusters points but I scored a mean grade of B - with B stand all sciences and B - both languages and C- maths can I qualify? For nursing
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I got c- in english,B plain in maths ,C+ in maths,C+ in kiswahili and B- in biology.do i qualify

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