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What are the instructions given to Moses by God at the time of his call (Exodus 3-4)?

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Instructions given to Moses by God at the time of his call include;

  • Not to go near the burning bush (vs 5)
  • To take off his sandals (vs 5)
  • To go to Pharaoh and bring God's people out of Egypt. (vs 8)
  • To lead the Israelites to worship God at mount Sinai after bringing them out of Egypt. (vs 12)
  • To tell the Israelites elders that I AM has sent him. (vs 14)
  • To throw his stuff on the ground (4:3)
  • To pick up his stuff (4:4)
  • To put his hand in the cloak (4:7)
  • To take water from the Nile and pour on the ground if the people don't believe him (4:9)
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