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i want to start a gambling site in Kenya but I've no crew on how to register

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To start an online betting or gambling business in Kenya, you have to meet the following applications requirements;

  • You must have a registered company (Certificate of Incorporation)
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Contract with odds feed provider
  • Documents showing your physical location
  • Documents showing specification of the software to be used to run the online betting website
  • Proposed terms and conditions of how the betting operations shall be undertaken (In your terms you should be provide information about age restriction, customer account security, bets pricing, dispute resolution mechanism, errors, fraud prevention, voids, abandoned marches, postponed marches, maximum bet payout, jackpot, etc.)
  • Application fee
  • Business bank account details
  • Customer care operator
  • Etc

Therefore, the first thing would be registering a company and then ensure you have all the details mentioned above.

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