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What were the constitutional changes in Kenya between 1975 and 2011?

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Constitutional changes in Kenya between 1975 and 2011 include;

  • 1975  - The official language in the national Assembly was made to be either English or Kiswahili 
  • 1979 - Public servants who desired to vie for position in general elections were to resign at least six months before the elections. 
  • 1982  - Section 2A was amended making Kenya adejure one party state 
  • Position of the chief secretary as the head of the civil service was formalized 
  • 1986 - Citizenship requirement was repealed. Those whose parents were Kenyans were entitled to citizenship 
  • 1991 - The number of constituencies were raised to 210. 
  • Section 2A was repealed and Kenya became a multi-party state 
  • 2010 - After the referendum, a new constitution was promulgated

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