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What are difficulties that farmers in Kenya experience in marketing horticultural produce?

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Difficulties that farmers in Kenya experience in marketing horticultural produce include;

  • Pests, birds, rodents lower crop yield resulting to loses.
  • Diseases eg blight, black rot and bacterial wilt lower crop yield
  • Inefficient marketing system that lacks proper organization leads to loses
  • Stiff competition on the international market by other producers reduces market and sales thus low profits.
  • Price fluctuations due to overproduction hence low returns.
  • Climatic hazards like frost, hailstones and drought
  • High transport charges lead to low returns
  • High input prices lead to marginal profits
  • Poor roads which get muddy limit accessibity between farms and collecting centres.
  • Inadequate refrigeration facilities may lead to reduction in quality of highly perishable produce.
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