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What is the procedure of deferring CLE ATP exams?

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Candidates who want to defer Council of Legal Education (CLE) ATP exams should visit CLE website https://cle.or.ke/downloads/ and download deferral application form NO. CLE/EX.03.

Fill the deferral form and submit it in writing to Secretary, Council of Legal Education before commencing of exams.

Be sure to attach supporting documents to justify your reason for deferring your exams. For example, medical form.

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Where in particular do we click at the exam portal and having difficulty in doing so...Kindly give us the step by step process
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We made an error which have rectified (edited). It is supposed to be download deferral application form online not submit via exam portal. Currently, there is no option to submit it online.

We will update this comment if the option is available.
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Noted.Thanks alot
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