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How much tax am I supposed to pay to the US government  if I am a YouTube creator who lives outside the US.

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You will be taxed 24% to 30% withholding tax of the total earnings that are derived from US (United States) only. Therefore, if your audience is largely outside the US, you do not have to worry.

NOTE 1: If you do not update your tax information by 31st May 2021, you will be taxed 24% of your total earnings. But if you provide tax info, you will be taxed only 24% to 30% from earnings from US.

NOTE 2: Tax varies from 24% to 30% depending on your country. Countries with a tax treaty benefit with US like India will pay 24% while those that have not signed a tax treaty benefit with the US will be pay 30%. For Kenyans, it will be 30%. We have provide a link to a list of countries that have signed a tax treaty benefit with the US below.

NOTE 3: This tax is only applicable for AdSense earnings from YouTube. Blogs will not be affected.

How to update YouTube tax information for Non-US Individual

  • Login into your AdSense account
  • Then go to payments
  • Click Manage settings
  • Click United States Tax info then Manage Tax Info
  • Then Add Tax info
  • Select Non US
  • Select Individual or Business
  • Select form W-8BEN
  • Fill your Name
  • Do not fill DBA
  • Select your country
  • If you are not claiming tax treaty, do not fill Foreign TIN and US ITIN
  • Click Next
  • Preview the generated form W-8BEN and confirm the information
  • Click Next
  • Add your name
  • Under Activities and services performed in the US, select No if you are not a US citizen to avoid complications that may arise
  • Submit form

Learn more about YouTube Tax for Non US citizens: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/10390801

Here is a list of countries that have signed a tax treaty benefit with the US: https://www.irs.gov/businesses/international-businesses/united-states-income-tax-treaties-a-to-z

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