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How does standardization of KCPE examinations work.

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Standardization of KNEC KCPE examinations involves calculating a candidates’ score in relative to other candidates. Standardization does not affect the position of the candidate.

The formula used for KNEC KCPE examination standardization in summary is as follows: 

Standard Score= 50+Y-VZ multiply by 15

  • Standard score is the final score after standardization.
  • Y stands raw score obtained score by candidates for example 42 out of 50 questions
  • V Standard means score for all candidates
  • Z standard for standard deviation of the raw score
How does standardization of KCPE examinations work

Standard Score = 50 + 25 – 2010 x 15 = 58
50 + 25-2010x15 does not give 58

This is equal to 75-(20x10 x15)= 75-30150
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Hello Ezra, thanks for the correction. We will edit and update the Answer.
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The normalized/standardized score, S, for a candidate is calculated using this formula: S = 50 + 15x(R – M)/d; where R is the raw marks scored by the candidate, M is the national average for the subject, and d is the national average scatter of marks (standard deviation).

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