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What were the effects of Portuguese rule on the East African Coast?

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Effects of Portuguese rule on the East African Coast include;

  • It lead to the decline of Indian Ocean trade and local trade.
  • It led to loss of lives through raids/introduction of many weapons lead to insecurity in the place.
  • It led to decline and ruin of towns e.g Gedi
  • Their raids led to destruction of property
  • Heavy taxes imposed on coastal people hindered coastal economic development.
  • They built fort Jesus and Vasco da Gama which became historical monument.
  • Introduced new crops to the coast e.g maize and cashew nuts
  • Their language enriched Kiswahili vocabulary through borrowing of words e.g pesa, baruti.
  • They improved links between the Coast and India/Goa
  • They practiced slave trade and this led to depopulation and human suffering