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Am interested in purchasing a laptop but I am torn between HP and Lenovo laptop.

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The most important thing you have to consider when deciding which laptop to buy is specifications. Processor (Core i3, i5...), Storage, Ram, Display, external ports, battery life etc.

If you find Lenovo and HP laptops that have the same specifications, then I advise you to go for HP. Some of the reasons why I prefer HP over Lenovo include:

  • Compatibility: HP is compatible with a number of external devices like HP printers, HP USB flash drives, Servers, etc.
  • Make/Design: The overall build quality of HP laptop is far much better compared to that of Lenovo
  • Repair: It is easy to get HP spare parts than it is to get Lenovo spare parts

Considering all factors and specifications, I recommend HP laptops over Lenovo. Only go for Lenovo if you are working on a tight budget and are willing to compromise quality over price.

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