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I applied for Nhif card back in 2015/2016, I paid 1000, upper hill offices, since then never went back for the card, can’t even remember the card number, and now I need it for surgery done, can I apply a second one? Is it possible for someone to apply for the second one? And when I send my I’d number to 21101, they tell me my I’d is in valid, does this mean that my I’d isn’t considered a member so I can just applied for a new one, plz help me understand, I need to have surgery in 2 weeks, and NHIF is the only thing holding me back, thanks in advance.

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Each NHIF account  must under a unique ID number. You can only register for an account if the ID number is not already in use.

The format of confirming your NHIF membership status is by sending ID xxxx- to sms Code  21101. Where xxx is your ID number.  For example ID 1235467 to 21101

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