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What are the climatic conditions experienced in the Kenya highlands?

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Climatic conditions experienced in the Kenya highlands include;

  • The region receives rainfall throughout the year
  • Total annual rainfall ranges from 1000mm to 1500mm
  • The region has double maximum rainfall in the east/single maximum in the west
  • The long rains are received between March and May and the short rains between September and December in the east/the peak is between May and August in the west
  • Rainfall is higher on the windward slopes than on the leeward slopes of the highlands
  • Rainfall is caused mainly by SE trade winds
  • The area receives mainly relief rainfall/orographic
  • The average temperature ranges between 17oC and 24oC/warm temperatures
  • The lower slopes are warmer that the higher slopes/temperatures are modified by altitude
  • The area experiences moderate humidity
  • The coolest months are between June and August while the rest of the year remains warm
  • Day temperatures are warm while nights are cool/chilly
  • Mean annual range of temperature is small (3 – 5oC)

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