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HELLO THERE, can i apply for equating my high school certificate from rwanda so that i apply for university admission before i arrive in KENYA

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Equation of certificate can be done online from your location through KNRA Portal: https://rev.knqa.go.ke/

Thank you very much for your reply, I am satisfied with your answer , the processes are smooth here and I took my original certificates to be certified by Lawyer here in Uganda. I wanted to ask if KNEC needs Original to provide equivalency because someone told me like that and is harder to bring them in Kenya due to am not in Uganda But i will bring them when i come to start studies in Kenya. Kindly , let me hear  your comments about this.
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Hello, if you want to join University or college  then Verification, Equation or Recognition of foreign certificate is done through https://rev.knqa.go.ke/

All that is needed are scanned copies of you original certificates.

Do you want to Join University or College in Kenya?
Thank you
Your message is understood and noted.
 Yeah, am in process of applying to Study University in Kenya.
 So, now let me Application for equivalency of my academic documents
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