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How much to send an A3 card from Nairobi to Nakuru?

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The price varies depending on the means of sending that you want to use. Do you want to use Posta or shuttle parcel delivery or courier companies like (G4S, Fargo, etc).

  • Posta costs about Ksh.100: Delivery takes 3 to 7 days. The problem with using posta is delays.
  • Shuttle parcel delivery costs about ksh. 200:  Delivery takes 24 hours. It is not ideal for sending security sensitive items.
  • Courier Companies costs about Ksh. 500: Delivery takes 24 hours and comes with guaranteed security.
Thank you for the response. Kindly provide for me a number I could use to contact courier companies or Shuttle parcel delivery. Your assistance will be highly appreciated.
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1. Shuttle parcel delivery: 2NK SACCO (Contact: 0721374310)

2. Courier Company: Fargo Courier (contacts: +254728606461 or +254703077000)

3. Courier Company: Riley Courier (Contacts: 0722 716 581 or 0733 617 817).
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