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Am trying to sign up for Walimu Care App by Minet Kenya insurance, but it tells me my Member number and phone number do not match.

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If you are getting the member number and phone number do not match or are incorrect error, then try to use your phone number  without zero (0), for example (2547*****) or (7******). Member number is your TSC number.

About Walimu Care App

Walimu Care app is Minet Kenya mobile application for TSC teachers. To sign up, download Walimu Care App from Google Play

Walimu Care app can be used to track your policy, check hospital visits, manage dependents, order medication, check limits, find hospital, ask minet questions, etc.

Why am i not getting the OTP code
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Verification code will be sent to the mobile phone number you used during TSC registration. Check whether the number is in active use.
Kindly update my spouse name,I am disappointed took her to Hospital and was not able to get services,that she is not covered,she has been using Aon ever since it's inception,TSC no 502715
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Hi Boniface,

Login to Walimu Care app and click My Dependants to check whether your spouse is covered.
Why I'm I not getting my OTP. They are saying they have sent but it's not there
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