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Good evening, my name is Victor. My wife rane away from my house in my absence with my child in the month of Mar 2022, she took some of the belonging from the house since I was not there, in the month of April, she went to  children welfare offices to seek for financial support from me. I received a letter of the same however,  I couldn't manage to avail my self at the said dates due to unavoidable circumstances but I made a formal  communication requesting for the reschedule of dates to 12th May this year, today I received a telephone conversation from a particular lady in the office asking to why I  couldn't avail my self and I informed her that I've already sent a letter on the same but arrogantly she  told me that I'm rude for not showing up and that it's my wish if I will decide to go or not. According to me is that I'm not reluctant to provide for my kid's needs and I only need a formal way of providing for the kid including my rights to access the child to know how she is going on but this lady in that office I'm not comfortable with her in the matter. How can one go on this?

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