tools and equipments that every driver should carry while driving

8 tools that every driver must carry in a car while driving

What follows is a list of essential tools that drivers must carry in their car when going for short or long drives. From truck drivers, public service vehicles, private vehicles to road tour vehicles.

Driving License

Before you get into your car and star driving, ensure that you have carried you driving license. You might be stopped by a police for any reason and the first thing he will ask you is to produce a driving License.

Insurance Sticker

Police do occasionally check wither your car is insured or not. It is an offense to drive a car that is not insured. Remember to check whether your car insurance has expired and renew.

Spare wheel or tire

Make sure that you have an inflated spare tire in your car. Don’t let your journey come to a stop because you forgot to carry a spare tire.

Car Jack

Most cars come equipped with a  car jack. If you car does not have or if it is too small, ensure you have one or you will incur unnecessary expenses hiring a car jack to change a tire.

Jump Cables

Jump cables will be of help to you if your car runs-down on battery. With jump cables, you can use any motorist’s car to get your car started.

Flash Light

Flashlight is important if your car breaks down at night. It will help you see and find a problem.

Coolant and Water

Certain driving conditions, like stop-and-go traffic on a hot day, can put significant stress on the cooling system, causing it to fail and make your car to overheat. If there is no mechanic near, water and coolant will help you solve the problem in the short-term.

Life Saver

You should always carry 2 life savers with you.  They are required to be placed at least 30 meters behind and in front of the car just in case it your breaks down in the road.  

Video on equipments and accessories that a driver should carry

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