Signs of a Toxic Partner in a Relationship

5 Types of Women to Avoid Dating When Looking for a Serious Relationship (Continued)



Picking from the previous post, the following are five more types of women you should avoid dating when looking to get into serious relationship.

Signs of a Toxic Partner in a Relationship
5 Types of women to avoid dating

The gold digger

This sort of woman is not looking for a serious relationship but someone to exploit financially.

All she wants is a man who can settle her bills and give her the life she cannot afford on her own.

You can tell this type of woman straightaway from her emotional absence, plastic smiles, superfluous compliments on your material possessions and constant need to be bailed out of financial crises.

The chatterbox

To this type of lady, silence means there is something wrong. She has an opinion on everything and will not hesitate go on and on without taking a moment to breath.

While being talkative is not a problem per se, it can drive you up the wall in those moments you just want to enjoy some quiet and reflect on things.

The high-maintenance princess

Not much unlike the gold digger but fundamentally different, this type of woman wants the finest things of life, regardless of your financial muscle.

She will want date nights in places that can easily set you back a month’s salary. She will want you to move to an apartment you can barely afford.

While we all aspire for fine things, a lady looking for a long-term relationship will not want to exploit you but join hands in building each other financially.

The irritable

This type of girl seems to draw her chi from arguing over everything. She will not hesitate to seize an opportunity to quarrel whenever she sniffs one.

You will always be walking on egg shells whenever around her, careful not to trip her fuse. This defeats the whole essence of a romantic relationship.

The cheater

This girl is never satisfied with one man. She finds great pleasure in having more than one man at a time.

Unlike the flirt, she takes things the extra mile by getting physically intimate with her targets.

While some cheaters are easy to detect courtesy of their boastful tales, others are more cunning and will never admit even when caught pants down.


Run for the hills immediately you realize you are dating this type of woman because you cannot change her, she will make your life a living hell.

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